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Thread: Humanity Style Icons for Gnome Commander

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    Humanity Style Icons for Gnome Commander

    Hi there!

    As I strongly disliked the original icons in Gnome-Commander I have created a mime-icon set that features the (to me) most important icons in Ubuntu's Humanity theme style.
    When you use this your GC will look more like, e. g. Nautilus.

    Just unzip and replace the icons in usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-commander/mime-icons with the ones you find in the unzipped folder. (You need to be root or sudo this, of course, so just open your GC in admin mode).

    Hope you like it.

    In case you want to complete the icon set:
    1. You'll find all the icons you need in usr/share/icons/ and then humanity or some other folder in there (16x16 folders).
    2. Open the icon you want with Gimp or the like (gksudo gimp)
    3. Export them as .png with the correct mime-type name for GC. You can check the mime-type in each file's properties' dialogue, then look up GC's respective icon name in the folder mentioned above.
    4. Upload your icon-set here for everybody.

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    Re: Humanity Style Icons for Gnome Commander

    thats cool, thanks


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