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The data CD won't work. The second time should have worked.

In post #19, you said:

I rather suspect that your computer is not even looking at the CD when booting.

  • Double-check that your changes to the BIOS were saved.
  • Can you try your CD in someone else's computer (don't install; just try booting from the CD)?
  • When you boot your computer, you may find that you can press F2, F10, F12, Del or some other key to get to a boot menu — your computer's manual should tell you if that is possible.

K3B only checks that the CD-writing was correct. It does not check that the downloaded ISO is correct. You need to follow the instructions to check the MD5 sum of the downloaded ISO; you can find the MD5 sums (Ubuntu Hashes) from that page. Please do it now before you do anything else, as an incorrect download will sabotage everything else (it has happened to me before).
I restarted it a couple times and checked to see that it was what I had put it on.

I don't have a computer manual for this as I got it from a friend for $50 many years ago. It says to hit del to go into a menu right at startup, and that brought me to what I previously mentioned. Then after that, it says something along the lines of to go to menu hit F2 I believe. And it has a 2 second countdown and no matter what I do it doesn't bring me into this other menu or setup or whatever.

I'll see if the discs work in my sister's PC tomorrow, and I'll update you.

Now how would I check to see the MD5sum for the disc when it's already made?