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Thread: uninstall ubuntu 10.04

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    uninstall ubuntu 10.04

    I was given a dell vostro laptop last year installed with ubuntu 10.04. I do not have a disk, the computer came installed with this os. How do I remove ubuntu? It is the only operating system on this laptop.

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    Re: uninstall ubuntu 10.04

    Your best bet is to replace Ubuntu with the operating system of your choice which operates on your laptop.

    That is, you don't remove the operating system unless you have something with which to replace it.

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    Re: uninstall ubuntu 10.04

    What do you want to install instead? If you have say a Windows disc, boot it up and install Windows. At the beginning of the Windows install process, you should have the option to delete all the partitions on the hard disk. (Ubuntu would be on one or all of them.) After you do that, install Windows in the free space.


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