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Thread: Skype incoming video flashing blue

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    Skype incoming video flashing blue

    I'm relatively new to Ubuntu 12.04 and am currently trying to get Skype ( working properly. The incoming video flashes between normal video and a completely blue background. Outgoing video is fine, as is sound.
    Any help much appreciated.

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    Re: Skype incoming video flashing blue

    Hi I have the same problem except the incoming video flashes green not blue. I am using Skype 4.0 with ubuntu 12.04. Skype used to work with windows XP but not with ubuntu. I have searched Google for an answer but have not come across one yet. Can anybody help?

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    Re: Skype incoming video flashing blue


    I have this problem too. It seems to be documented in this bug report , but there's no solution. Found it mentioned a number of other places too, but also no solution.

    I was wondering if I might be able to roll back to an older version of Skype. I'd like to try that but I don't know how to do it. I'm on 12.04 and I just add programs through the S/W Center, but I don't know how to specify an older version. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Skype incoming video flashing blue

    I have found a working workaround for the Skype Video Webcam blue flashing issue. It is a workaround but it fixes the issue.

    1. Remove current version of Skype ( -- sudo apt-get remove skype
    2. Download and install the old version of Skype - (I found this link/version)

    Problem kind of solved --- until someone are able to fix the video issue in the new version of Skype.

    Other links:

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