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So you are using depreciated components

Assigning a usb hub to a $DISPLAY is possible with udev as I have explained here. Doing that will also ensure that all devices plugged into the hub are assigned to the correct seat.

You still haven't commented on how your are overcoming the ACLs that consolekit is assigning to /dev/snd so that each user can access the sound hardware.
How do you mean depreciated components?gdm-2.20,xgl is installable in ubuntu 12.10 en debian 6(called gdm).
Can it be easier than this:

no special configuration for pulseaudio.All users can access all usb-audio.
The user has no access to any sound configuration.Only the pulse script is run upon login to set default sink.

Maybe for home self-made use the udev is possible, but customers need to be able to configure their mouse-keyboard and sound themselves.