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Thread: Connecting Mac OS X to Ubuntu NFS share

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    Question Connecting Mac OS X to Ubuntu NFS share

    Hiya, I have a Ubuntu server (11.10) with the following in exports:

    /raid/media/data      ,sync,root_squash)
    /raid/stuff/data      ,sync,root_squash)
    And I have a Ubuntu desktop with this in fstab:

    Code:                  /home/tony/Media        nfs     rw,hard                 0       0            /home/tony/Development  nfs     rw,hard                 0       0                  /home/tony/Stuff        nfs     rw,hard                 0       0
    And all seems well enough - I can read, write and delete successfully.

    How do I connect my Mac OS X to this with the similar read, write and delete functions?

    I have been searching around for a while now and I seem to be no closer.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Connecting Mac OS X to Ubuntu NFS share

    You should search the Mac forums for this. All I know is that MacOS has a GUI for connecting and mounting NFS shares.
    Two things to keep in mind:

    1) Add the 'insecure' option to your exports. Mac often tries to connect though a nonstandard NFS port and will fail if you don't add that switch.

    2) Mac users usually don't have the same UID as Ubuntu users, not even in the same range. You could try to change that on the Mac side, for instance to UID 1000 which should match the primary Ubuntu user on your server, or to whichever owns the files.
    Another way would be to force all of your machines to connect as a single user (e.g. 1000), using this syntax:
    /raid/stuff/data,sync,insecure,all_squash,anonuid=1000,anongi d=1000)
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    Re: Connecting Mac OS X to Ubuntu NFS share

    See THIS THREAD. It details all the steps pretty well. Be sure to read the whole thing, there are some errors in the initial bit.

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