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Thread: Update Causes Panel Problems

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    Update Causes Panel Problems


    I am using gnome classic on a system with two monitors. This morning I did the security updates, and it gave me some problems with my panels. I have three panels. Two on the small laptop monitor (top and bottom), and one (top) on the larger monitor. The one on the top of the larger monitor is quite messed up. The workplace switcher, which has 12 workplaces, has been converted to one row, and only ten of the twelve workspaces are shown. This takes up most of the space, and has pushed off or covered several other icons. I have managed to use compiz config settings manager to get a workplace switcher on the bottom panel of the small screen which works well and is nicely formatted in three rows of four. I think what I need to do is delete the messed up panel, put a new one there, and then add applets to the new panel, and possibly the old one too. I have not been able to figure out how to add or remove applets on either panel except for getting ccsm to put the workplace switcher on the bottom panel. I would like it on both.


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    Re: Update Causes Panel Problems

    Try Alt + Right Click or Super Key + Alt + Right Click. The second combination is what works for me.
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    Re: Update Causes Panel Problems

    Thank you very much. both work for me.


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