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Thread: Start-up Applications

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    Question Start-up Applications


    I have Ubuntu 12.10.
    I wanted to do the following whenever I turn on the computer (probably using start-up applications). Whenever I turn on Ubuntu I would like the following to happen:

    • Chromium to turn on Workspace 3
    • Chromium to open Specific (Twitter interactions) windows stuck to the left on workspace 2
    • Chromium to open Specific (Facebook Page) windows stuck on the right on workspace 2 (stacked next to twitter)
    • Gwibber to open itself on workspace 4
    • Open Empathy (opening the list of contacts) on workspace 4

    Can you please give me a detailed how to. I am a newbie in Ubuntu.

    Thank you

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    Re: Start-up Applications

    This link seems to outline what you're describing.
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    Re: Start-up Applications

    Thank you.

    Could you tell me how would I open specific pages? Also what code would be used for each programs named above?

    Sorry, I am a newbie

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