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Thread: removing old shortcuts from app menu

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    removing old shortcuts from app menu


    I've been using ubuntu 12.04 for some time now, however, I still fail on removing applications shortcuts after unninstalling software.

    I'm using gnome desktop (3.42) and problem occurs only in games tab so far- I have some broken shortcuts there from games I already uninstalled. I've tried using alacarte to delete those entries, but it crashes whenever I try to remove something from menu list. Unticking apps doesn't hide those empty shortcuts either, and I couldn't find anything to solve the problem. Is there a way to get rid of those shortcuts, is it a bug or did I messed something up in my system?

    I'll appreciate any help- while it's not something critical, it's definately something I don't like about my system.


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    Re: removing old shortcuts from app menu

    These launchers should be located in one of the following directories....

    • /usr/share/applications
    • /usr/local/share/applications
    • ~/.local/share/applications

    If your launcher file is in any of the first two directories, you will require root permissions to remove it.


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