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Thread: Nvidia 9500 GT forgets HDMI after crashes

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    Nvidia 9500 GT forgets HDMI after crashes

    Hello all,

    I have been having trouble with my 9500 GT card. I have it set up in a Ubuntu 12.04 media centre, with a TV connected via HDMI. The set-up is working as a media server to other systems in the house, and as such is on 24/7. Unfortunately, a recent spait of power-cuts has caused the system to shut down abruptly, each time forgetting that it has an HDMI-out port.

    I've tried using the closed-source Nvidia drivers (each of the four has the same issue, but changing drivers occasionally brings back the HDMI, if the last one failed.), as well as the open-source ones (which don't offer a high enough resolution for my needs). I tried installing a driver downloaded directly from Nvidia (a .run file), which installed correctly, but had the same issues.

    Does anyone have a possible cause for this issue, or even better, a potential solution? The last time I had a power cut, it took me three hours to finally get the HDMI back up (using VGA, which always works). It's annoying more than anything. I love my Ubuntu-based media centre, but this is really spoiling the experience.

    Many thanks for all your help,


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    Re: Nvidia 9500 GT forgets HDMI after crashes

    I suggest "version current" as a driver, but I have no insight about whether this will solve your problems.

    How long are the power cuts? A small UPS might be the best solution of all.
    Around here, $60 gets you something useful.

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