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Thread: Upgrading to 12.04 64 bit

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    Smile Upgrading to 12.04 64 bit

    So, I have Ubuntu 11.10 installed on my computer. However, it is 32 bit and I have a 64 bit system and would like to install the newer, 64 bit version. If I just burn the cd, boot it, and go through the normal installation will this work without a hitch? I am not afraid of losing anything on my current Ubuntu install.

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    Re: Upgrading to 12.04 64 bit

    The simple answer is yes.

    You will get the option to

    Install alongside the 11.10

    Erase and use the whole disk

    Something Else. This is where we can choose the partition we want Ubuntu to install it. If we want to do that. If you are already dual booting with another OS you will want to choose the Something Else option.

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