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Thread: Make programs in Ubuntu

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    Make programs in Ubuntu


    I have found howtos that describe how to make own programs in notepad on Windows. Can I do the same on Ubuntu and if so what program? And which format should I save them in?


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    Re: Make programs in Ubuntu

    do you want compile a file text ?
    Very easy, linux have very strong command lines, google to get command with your language program

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    Re: Make programs in Ubuntu

    I'm assuming you're referring to batch scripts on Windows. Bash scripts are a really easy way to make scripts for Ubuntu.

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    Re: Make programs in Ubuntu

    There are many ways to make your own "programs" for Ubuntu. From simple stuff to full Programs. Every "way" uses some kind of programming language you have to learn first - what kind of language you use depends on how much time you want to invest to learn and program, and on what you'd like to achieve. the .bat scripts from Windows (I assume you mean those) have their equivalent in Linux with "shell scripts", or "bash scripts", those are mostly used to script command sequences for non-simple Tasks, so you can do the same Thing with one command instead of repeating the commands over and over again. But you can also program little applications with it, if you're clever; though for "real programs" other languages, like python, are easier and more powerful.

    If you want to learn programming for real, I suggest you ask some moderator to move this to another "channel" inside this forum, to "Other Community Discussions"->"Development & Programming"->"Programming Talk". First read a bit in there, the stickies and other beginners' posts, there's a lot of information going on there. With the right "buzzwords" do your own web research, you'll find many guides and tutorials on what possibilities exist and how to use programming languages and such. Be aware this is mostly not simple stuff, but actually _real_ programming, and it can take years to learn how to make good software. depending on what you want to achieve.

    good luck!
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