Hi all

I recently managed to get Mac OS X 10.8 running in Virtualbox. After playing around with it and trying to work in it I came to the conclusion that it sucks.


1. Inconsistent look of the apps. One has old yellow paper, the other leather, some has shiny metal finishes. All to gimmicky to my taste.
2. The default font is not even close to the quality of the Ubuntu font set.
3. Much to vendor specific and locked down to be any fun.
4. Cumbersome interface after having being spoilt with unity.
5. The best app I found installed by default was vim, getting gvim setup on Mac OS X was way slower then just doing a sudo apt-get install vim-gnome

I own an iPhone 4S and an iPad 2, so I was contemplating getting a macbook or one of those mini macs. However after this experience I will take the same amount of cash I needed to get one of those and get myself the very best laptop that amount of cash can get, and install Ubuntu 12.04.1 immediately.

But maybe I am missing something? Surely there has to be a valid reason why the mac books are so expensive right?