Hi, I am Patrick, a student in Leeds studying Games Design.

I was casually using WIndows 7 yesterday and went to switch off my machine by the off switch manually (no particular reason, just there were many processes running and the machine was pretty slow) I wake up the next day to find a command prompt that says


I try typing 'windows' or 'Macintosh' and then it comes with the message 'no kernel 'OS name' found.'

I leave it for a few seconds and then it defaults to Ubuntu. I have tried using Startup manager, but neither WIndows 7 or Macintosh appear in the dropdown list.

I have also noticed that ASK4 is my desktop background. I use this program for my internet connection as its a service provided to students for internet prescriptions, and I was wondering if Ubuntu came with it and somehow configured itself upon restart?

Please help, as all of my software packages are on my WIndows 7 boot and now it's not letting me do anything.