I've been searching all over the inter-tubes for an answer to this.

At home, I have a headless server with ZFS raidz1 that can push ~250MB sec (3 drives). This computer sits about 3 feet from my desktop. I was hoping I could buy a cheap USB 3.0 debug/cross over cable and connect the two computers together and setup a point-to-point connection. USB 3.0 is 5Gbps, but I will be happy to to get 2Gbps, which is still twice as fast at 1Gbe for the price of a cable.

I want to avoid a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter, as that will put me back to 1Gbe.

Would I just use the special USB 3.0 debug cable and use USBNet to connect the two? This include making the various network routing changes. Has anyone tried this? I can't be the first, USB 3.0 has been out for a while.