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Thread: Cannot enable SPDIF on Dell D620

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    Question Cannot enable SPDIF on Dell D620

    Dear all,

    I have Ubuntu 12.04 (all latest updates) on Dell D620 and cannot get SPDIF out through Docking station.
    I have the same setup on D600 and that works fine, so I know that problem is in D620 setup.

    I have ran the alsa script and here is the output:

    I spent few days reading several forums and articles with no success.

    I wonder if anybody on this forum can help me set it up.
    Your help is appreciated.

    Best regards,
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    Re: Cannot enable SPDIF on Dell D620

    I have been trying to get the SPDIF working on the same setup using ubuntu for ages, see my post

    I sort of gave up on it, although I feel this should be something relatively easy for a linux guru.

    Kubuntu hardy on a dell latitude d620


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