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Thread: Sata Hdd case auto disconnects

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    Re: Sata Hdd case auto disconnects

    If I remember correctly the first issue was the drive being disconnected (guessing you meant unmounted) from the system. Then you had a potentially disastrous for you situation, which is roughly where I came in. At that time I was concerned only with rescuing the drive and the information on it.

    To me it looks like that issue has been resolved. Does the drive still get disconnected?

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    Re: Sata Hdd case auto disconnects

    Yes, as the topic suggest, my first problem was that my external hdd sata case is being unmounted. this (i guess) caused my other problem of crushing my internal hd.
    from what you said on your first post here, i figured that you meant that we should first solve the crashed hd and then we can sort out the other issue, that of the unmounting hd.
    Sorry if i misunderstood.

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