Hello everyone. I have a specific problem. My laptop is Presario 2500 (2504EU). Intel Celeron 2.6GHz 128kb, 2GB DDR 266mhz, ATI Radeon IGP 345M. When I had windows XP everything was fine but i decide to go on ubuntu because XP is tooo buggy and my CPU was at 100% all the time because of my new flash wifi (usb wifi (TP-Link)). Anyway... I do use a battery with replaced cells. When i use it on XP it shows that the battery is always empty but i can use it for an hour browsing internet and so on. On Ubuntu it causes my computer to start 3 times longer and everything is laggy and... i press system for example it oppens after 5 - 8 seconds re loare more... i cant use my laptop. Something strange is when im waiting my laptop to be ready (when the desktop is loaded), the bar with the battery metter and sound and mail... but not the clock and all things right of it start to blink. Looks like they are loaded again and again... about 10 times or more. After that it stops. But... lag... Please help me. Im thinking if theres any way i can stop the process of checking the battery or something like that im not sure what i can do actually.