Hey guys.

i have found serveral similar problems but nothing exactly the same. i have samsung laptop 6 gig ram i5 with nvidia optimus and 64 bit 12.04, i have bumblebee installed and running sweet but this problem occures with out bumblebee as well so it has nothing to do with that...but i do belive it has somthing to do with the graphic card switching millarkie that occurs with the optimus hardware. what happens is:

Fine when running on AC power but if i unplug it after a undeterminded amount of time the screen brightness begings to flicker and the display box that shows up when you highten or lower your brigness pops up and flcikers from middle to brightest, then the computer crashes and all i can do is hard reset, the mouse still work however. Can i set ubuntu to auto run unity through optirun or is this a bad idea?

thanks in advance