@Autrix, I have now read your proposed revised post.

First - I agree with the actions that other forum staff have taken.

With regard to the proposed version that you have posted at post #8 in this thread, I have no objection to you posting it in a technical support area. However, you are not doing yourself any favours with either the length of the post, or the length of your preamble. Perhaps what you do not understand is that staff concerns about your original preamble was to do with the possibility that your post would be trolled - action was taken in part to protect you from this. Although most forum members are helpful and kind, it is unfortunate that there is, as on all forums, a small minority who would seize on the emotive and speculative nature of your earlier preamble to post in an emotive and unkind way themselves. We would prefer to prevent such unpleasantness rather than have to deal with it after it occurs.