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Thread: Wubi ok, now what?

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    Question Wubi ok, now what?

    I just got a new PC, it came with Win7 so the first thing I did was to install Ubuntu via WUBI. Now I find out that this a temporary solution made for trying out Ubuntu. BTW, the WUBI installer is great piece of work, very smooth install experience

    Before I start to copy a lot of files, what should I do? unistall Ubuntu wubi and re-install from CD, with proper partitions and a common NTFS storage space for both Windows and Ubuntu?

    Both OS work great and have presented no problems, that is except for where I am going to keep files (its a big HD, so space is no problem).

    Thanks for any and all help. This forum makes Ubuntu great!

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    Re: Wubi ok, now what?

    Remove the Wubi installation and see the link.
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