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Thread: Looking for a Photo Editor

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    Looking for a Photo Editor

    Hee hee... I just got Necro-nuked over here.

    The problem I'm trying to resolve is that I need something for a non-techie. GIMP, bless it, is really complicated for someone who just wants to see a "resize this" button. While that may sound stupid to we of the infinite technical knowledge, GIMP really does lack a simple UX. I say the same of Photoshop. They are elaborate tools not focused on simple use cases. Because of that, it seems (seems...) like Ubuntu lacks something that can do very simple photo manipulation.

    I ultimately pointed someone to fotoxx and PINTA.

    Is there a better piece of software. They looked at ShotWell and if there is an obvious "resize this photo" it wasn't anywhere they looked.

    PLEASE do not suggest GIMP, GIMP tutorials, etc. I know that will be overkill for this person, and it isn't what they are looking for.

    And... I ask these questions because I don't run Ubuntu (Kubuntu FTW!) and am not familiar with the options out there.

    EDIT: Clarification: I run Kubuntu. The person I'm trying to help runs Ubuntu. I'm not very familiar with the software options for Gnome/Unity/Ubuntu.

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