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Thread: GMA 3600 & 3650 situation Ubuntu 12.04?

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    GMA 3600 & 3650 situation Ubuntu 12.04?

    There are some rumours in the net that Intel has released driver for these. But is there currently driver for Ubuntu with 3.4 kernel? Is there driver coming?

    I would love to get mini-itx mobo with gma3600 chip. And acer one ofc. But Intels webpage says that there is only drivers for win 7 32bit.

    Should I go with older atom? I know GMA3150 works, but it has really poor performance with 1080p videos.

    What about amd e-350? Does it work with Ubuntu 12.04?

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    Re: GMA 3600 & 3650 situation Ubuntu 12.04?

    I have installed Ubuntu on my Samsung NC110-P and it has an Intel Atom D2600 chipset
    which uses GMA 3600. It is working very well except I do not have a graphics driver.
    One thing that is not relevant to this is that the this netbook did not detect a USB to boot from until I had a live version on the stick and the BIOS needs to be set to wake from USB I think.

    I found this link which suggest that there is a driver for Fedora, so I hope one will become available for Ubuntu.


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    Lightbulb Re: GMA 3600 & 3650 situation Ubuntu 12.04?

    I am a new to linux. I removed the Linpus linux that came along with ACER AOD270 Atom N2600, Intel GMA3600. It runs on Cedar Trail platform (I am not a techee) and intel has incorporated the drivers with their own linux distro Meego 1.2. I ve tried Ubuntu 12.04 and after installing couldn't adjust the brightness. But after updating it showed to install additional drivers and installed the Cedarview drivers. Those crashed after some time, without much problems and Now I am very happy with Linuxmint13. Searched the synaptic for cedar and installed 4 softwares for cedartrial and cedarview and I played a movie 1920x800 nicely. For adjusting brighness , the Fn+ arrow keys worked well. Additional brighness reduction was achieved with RedshiftGUI.


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