I have been using Chrome to browse the Internet.

I think I have noticed a change: for a while now, when I visit a web page, the page isn't zoomed in. It isn't edge to edge of my screen, in the way that you can get text to "fit width" in a word processor. There almost always seems to be a border left around the content of the web page that doesn't do anything except waste space on my display. One result of this is that the fonts on the screen aren't as large as they could be, making the page harder to read.

I have to click on the zoom in button, to fit the page better onto my display.

Has this started happening to you, too? Why is it? Perhaps pages are being designed for tablets now, or something like that.

Is there a way that I can automatically have the page fit my display? Surely, a well designed website will do that as a matter of course. An automatic page zoom to 150% might not work all the time, as not all pages are the "wrong" size and some require a different page zoom than others.