My "real" name displayed under Settings > Account Details seems to be different from what is set at Settings > User Management. Under User Management, I have my full name, but under Account Details it says my name is "Student". Long story, but this is how I'm guessing it happened... My old computer was a school computer with Windows, and the admin account was admin and my account was Student. After I left that school, the admin account was deleted and admin privileges were given to Student. Later, I installed Kubuntu through Wubi, which kept Student as my name. After Windows started getting slow and unstable, I decided to "rescue" my Kubuntu install by migrating from Wubi to a real partition, and deleting Windows. This also kept my name as Student. Then I bought a whole new computer, installed Kubuntu on it, and transferred /home from my old one to the new one, and that's the one I'm typing on right now.

As far as I know, it only says I'm "Student" on Settings > Account Details, but nowhere else. How can I change this so it reflects my account's actual "real" name?