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I have tried just chmodding and crowning /var/ww to belong to my own user, but wouldn't that be a security breach? To have both my own user and apache access this, I need to give all users privileges to rwx?
yes, its not recommended, using the apache group would be better, all you need for the mount is access to the folder, i was just trying to get a gauge of the problem, i apologise, i was going to have you change it back one the mount was working correctly . And no, you dont need all users to have rwx, i was following on from your mount example, its best to just give rwxrwx--- so that owner and group have full access, then following on from your write permission errors make sure your mac user is in the wheel group. As for your permission denied errors, just to double check, you are in the fuse group yeah? Also can you edit say the index.html that you showed? and what are the permissions of the actual folder, rather than the files in the mount?

Also, have you played around with the -o allow-other parameter (im on an android box atm, and dont have the syntax with me so you'll have to check it, but its something like that...) that parameter will help for your rwx for all users permissions... perhaps if you get it working like that first, then play with them later...
The issue at the moment seems to be you're an 'other' user trying to access the share, not sure why you are having read access but not write, so hopefully the allow other parameter will help somewhat.