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Thread: using workspace switcher. Ubuntu 12.04

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    Smile using workspace switcher. Ubuntu 12.04

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I think I don't understand the workspace switcher feature.
    I thought I could set up different (4 ea.) workspace(s) that are actually displayed as desktops(?).

    What I hope to have is the ability to have a separate workspace that would only display
    icons that I want to work with. Not sure if that means having a distinct Dash for a different workspace
    or is the term 'workspace' mean just a separate application running?

    In particular, I would like to have a separate workspace that makes only the few app's I might want
    to experiment with using Python, GEDIT and a few additional programs that one might want to
    use with developing python code and perhaps using IDEL.

    If anyone can set me straight on this, many, many thanks.

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    Re: using workspace switcher. Ubuntu 12.04

    You can place currently running apps on a workspace to organise your screen visually. For example, you can put your browser in workspace 1 and then something else - a word processor, for example, in workspace 2, say. Then you have an easy way to switch between your browser and your word processor, without the windows messing up one screen, since only the apps in the workspace you are looking at show up. So you can switch to workspace 1 to see your browser, and then back to workspace 2 to see your document. Use the Ctrl-Alt keys along with one of the arrow keys to quickly switch between workspaces. Hope this helps
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    Re: using workspace switcher. Ubuntu 12.04

    You get the same Dash and the same Launcher. Otherwise you would not have access to all the installed applications. But the Dash hides and the Launcher can be set to hide.

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