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Thread: gThumb 3.0.2 interface worse than previous version

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    gThumb 3.0.2 interface worse than previous version

    I used gThumb to help manage my bountiful image collection, but the new version 3.0.2 that comes with Ubuntu 12.10 has some changes to the interface that seems awfully inefficient.

    * There is a larger margin around each thumbnail (20-30px, for 60px of non-usable space between items), no matter what thumbnail size I choose.
    * The File Properties area cannot be toggled off, and it is much larger than before; furthermore, it is present even when no image is selected and thus cannot display useful information.

    I would like to know how (without forking gThumb and writing new source code) to do the following:
    * shrink the gap between thumbnails to something less wasteful, either as a constant ("6px margin around each thumbnail") or a percentage ("5% of thumbnail size -> 6px between 64px thumbnails, 13px between 128px thumbnails")
    * eliminate the File Information part until I ask for it of the browsing interface; perhaps as something I could summon when I am looking at a single image. At the very least, the File Information part should only appear when one (and only one) image is selected in the browsing interface.

    I hope I can attach an image to help indicate what I'm talking about in case I am not clear.

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    Re: gThumb 3.0.2 interface worse than previous version

    I do not think those are configurable. Ask the developer about it at:

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    Re: gThumb 3.0.2 interface worse than previous version

    In version 3.1.2 you can toggle the properties pane with View->Properties (Ctrl-I), or by clicking the button at the top right. The icons have the same spacing though.

    You can get it from the general Webupd8 PPA or the specific one about GThumb
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