Don't like Windows or Mac, almost softwares in Ubuntu are provided with some packages and not good for offline install.
I made this website to solve this problem.
This website supports get packages and dependences links. This is content:

Search with wildcard:
%: Matches any number of characters, even zero characters
_: Matches exactly one character Database based on original ubuntu (don't install or update any packages), update every week. If you updated, some packages are installed in your systems you still can use this database(redownload and reinstall packages and dependences).

How to install:

  • Download all packages, copy all to a folder
  • Open terminal and cd to folder
  • Type: sudo dpkg -i --force-depends *.deb

Or can make script file with this context, set chmod +x for file, copy script file to debs folder, double click -> run in terminal; copy script file to other softwares and double click without type again

How to download with DownThemAll (add on for firefox)
Search a package (example stardict): can download with many download manager softwares

Press Add MD5 check: only download with downthemall add-on in firefox browser but can check md5 after download.

Click to list, Ctrl+A to select all, choose a folder to save

Download with md5 check