Hi all,

I'm trying to back up a remote server with RSync script:


## my own rsync-based snapshot-style backup procedure

# config vars

SRC="goupsmar@go-upsmart.com:~/public_html/" #dont forget trailing slash!
OPTS="-e ssh -rltgoi --delay-updates --delete --chmod=a-w"

# run this process with real low priority

ionice -c 3 -p $$
renice +12  -p $$

# sync

rsync $OPTS $SRC $SNAP/latest >> $SNAP/rsync.log

# check if enough has changed and if so
# make a hardlinked copy named as the date

COUNT=$( wc -l $SNAP/rsync.log|cut -d" " -f1 )
if [ $COUNT -gt $MINCHANGES ] ; then
   DATETAG=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
   if [ ! -e $SNAP/$DATETAG ] ; then
      cp -al $SNAP/latest $SNAP/$DATETAG
      mv $SNAP/rsync.log $SNAP/$DATETAG
However, when I run the script I get the following error.

mv: cannot move `/media/Backups/UpSmart/rsync.log' to `/media/Backups/UpSmart/2012-09-17/rsync.log': Permission denied
When I checked the permissions on the directories the script created, they were automatically set so that no one could write to them, but instead only view them. How do I resolve this?