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Thread: Is System76's support deteriorating?

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    Re: Is System76's support deteriorating?

    I do not trust any tech support, I had problem w/ my newly dell laptop (high cpu usage) all the time. I spent hours/days just to stay on the phone w/ someone from Idia ... at the end they let me send my system back and replace the motherboard. It was my new laptop and i was baby it, when i got it back, they scratched the top cover.

    long story short, if you can fix it or replace yourself, do it. It's not worth the time/money to deal with those tech support.

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    Re: Is System76's support deteriorating?

    To bring the problem to a conclusion, my father recieved the new power supply. He was actually able to install the new supply himself, and it has resolved his problem.

    So even though the machine was still under the support agreement when the problem first occurred and was reported, he struggled with the problem for three months, including shipping it back (and paying to have it packaged up for shipment), in the end he fixed it himself, and paid for the replacement part himself.

    At least this closes the page on the worst technical support I've ever experienced.

    And later this fall, when it is time to replace my Pangolin laptop, the replacement won't be the Gazelle, like I had originally planned. I think I'll look at ThinkPads.
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