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Thread: Winetricks doesn't remember my selected options!

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    Question Winetricks doesn't remember my selected options!

    Hi! I have some problems with sound on Wine because I am using Pulseaudio. So I read that I have to make Wine use Alsa directly through

    Winetricks/Select the Default Wine Prefix/Change settings/sound=alsa.
    The problem is that when I navigate to Change settings again sound=alsa isn't checked. I tried changing the other options too but they aren't preserved either.
    And I still don't have sound which shows that settings haven't changed.

    For now the only sound I have is on native Linux apps and not Wined ones.

    I saw that there is a similar thread on another Ubuntu forum:

    But it isn't properly answered.
    My point is that Select the default wine prefix/install a Windows DDL or component works/ .. is fine. Things are selected there. The reason I am telling you this is that I don't want this thread to end up like the one I linked above.

    I am using (X)Ubuntu 12.04 and regularly install updates
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    Re: Winetricks doesn't remember my selected options!

    The same here, winetricks doesn't save settings for prefix.

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