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Thread: Assembly of video files without sound lagging ?

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    Question Assembly of video files without sound lagging ?

    I am using Ubuntu 11.4 on my Samsung laptop.

    I am sometimes using my cheap Blue Tinnum harddisk recorder to record movies from the cable TV. It
    works well and they can be played back nicely with the Blue Tinnum recorder.

    I would however like to be able to play them back on anything (as well as store them in a format with a better name and in a single fil.

    The video is stored in 2 GB files with names like data0001.ts and data0002.ts and so on. I don't know what the true format is - but these files play with no problems in VLC.

    I am going to convert the files to .mkv format with Handbrake but first I want to assemble them into one file - this I do with the following command in a terminal window:

    cat data0001.ts data0002.ts > video.ts

    Unfortunately in the new file (video.ts) the sound is lagging a little after the video - how do I avoid this ?

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    Re: Assembly of video files without sound lagging ?

    at the command prompt, type:
    man cat

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