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Thread: Need help writing a script to switch config file on button press

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    Lightbulb Need help writing a script to switch config file on button press

    So, I'm not very experienced with fun scripts like this so I need help and insight from those who are good at this sort of thing.

    A little background:
    My mouse broke. In the meantime i plugged my xbox controller in, installed xboxdrv, and created a config file defining and customizing all the buttons for mouse operation.
    It works great. That was easy. I've actually gotten used to it and if I can make this script work the way I see it in my head, I might never use a mouse again.

    So, the details:
    Basically, when I press the xbox button (xboxdrv recognizes it as "guide") I want it to cycle through a list of different profiles for different usage scenarios. Profile 1 being standard desktop operation, profile 2 is mostly the same but the R and L buttons have different functions for music control, so on and so forth. I have all of the different config files already created but currently, i switch manually.

    in all the config files, the xbox button is set to XK_XF86Close which as far as I can tell, does nothing by default. next, I opened up the keyboard shortcuts gui and defined a custom shortcut which will run /home/user/

    this script basically has to read which number profile that it's on and advance to the next one, if at the last then it will start back at the first again, and that's pretty much it. each profile illuminates a different led light on the controller for visual feedback of which profile i'm on.

    any help, insight, or suggestions would be much appreciated.
    if somebody wants to reply with a suggestion that there's already a neat gui application for this...
    what fun would that be?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Need help writing a script to switch config file on button press

    Thread moved to Programming Talk

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    Re: Need help writing a script to switch config file on button press

    Here you go:

    # Determine which file number is currently being used
    CURRENT_NUM=`ls -l | grep "$LIVE_CONFIG_FILE" | awk '{print $11}' | cut -d '/' -f 2`
    # Determine how many configs we have available
    NUM_AVAILABLE=`ls configs | wc -l`
    if [ $CURRENT_NUM -eq $NUM_AVAILABLE ]; then
    ln -s "configs/${NEW}" $LIVE_CONFIG_FILE
    echo "Config changed to #${NEW}"
    The script will need to be placed in the same directory as the config file. Make a subdirectory called configs and put your files in there, named 1, 2, 3, etc. It works by symlinking the live config file to your available ones, incrementing it each time it's run.

    Your keyboard shortcut command will have to be something like:
    cd /home/user/.config/whatever/ && ./
    Or even:
    cd /home/user/.config/whatever/ && notify-send "`./`"
    ...which will display a notification in the top right with what config you switched to.

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    Re: Need help writing a script to switch config file on button press

    The xboxdrv manual gives options for doing exactly as you wish in using the guide(xbox) button to change controller configurations.

    To see the manual Try
    man xboxdrv
    or go to

    With reference to the xboxdrv manual ; thought this is what you could be looking for.
    Config Slot Options

    You can use multiple configurations, called config slots, with your controller. You switch between those multiple configurations by pressing the Guide button by default, but you can also set another button via the option --toggle.
    --config-slot NUM Select the config slot NUM.
    --next-config Allows the creation of an alternative uinput configuration to which one can toggle at runtime by pressing the ui-toggle button (defaults to guide).
    $ xboxdrv \ --mouse \ --next-config --ui-axismap X1=ABS_X,Y1=ABS_Y \ --ui-buttonmap A=JS_0,B=JS_1 The above configuration would install mouse emulation as first configuration and a simple joystick emulation as second configuration. Allowing toggling between mouse emulation and joystick handling by pressing the guide button.
    Not that --next-config is currently limited to only configurations done with --ui-buttonmap and --ui-axismap, autofire, throttle emulation, deadzones and all other things can currently not be switched at runtime.
    --toggle XBOXBTN Sets the button that will be used to toggle between different different configurations. A value of 'void' will disable the toggle button. If no toggle button is specified, the guide button will be used to toggle between configurations.

    That is when running xboxdrv --daemon.
    There is at least one other option to do what you want in the manual which would be the making of config files for each configuration.
    Config File Options

    -c, --config FILE Reads configuration information from FILE. Configurations from file are handling as if they would be command line options at the position of --config FILE.
    The syntax of FILE is the familiar INI syntax used for many configuration files. Regular key/value pairs must go into the [xboxdrv] section. '#' and ';' can be used for comments. Key names have for most part the same name as command line options. Command line options that take a list of input mappings (--ui-buttonmap, --ui-axismap, --evdev-absmap, ...) can be split of into their own section for better readability.
    The examples/ directory contains some example configuration files.
    [xboxdrv] silent=true deadzone=6000 dpad-as-button=true trigger-as-button=true [ui-axismap] x2=REL_X:10 y2=REL_Y:-10 x1=KEY_A:KEY_D y1=KEY_W:KEY_S [ui-buttonmap] a=KEY_LEFTSHIFT b=BTN_C x=BTN_EXTRA y=KEY_C [ui-buttonmap] lb=BTN_RIGHT rb=KEY_SPACE [ui-buttonmap] lt=KEY_Z rt=BTN_LEFT [ui-buttonmap] dl=KEY_4 dr=KEY_2 du=REL_WHEEL:-1:150 dd=REL_WHEEL:1:150 [ui-buttonmap] back=KEY_TAB start=KEY_ESC # EOF # --alt-config FILE A shortcut for writing --next-config --config FILE.
    To load multiple configuration options use:
    xboxdrv --config first.ini --alt-config second.ini --alt-config third.ini -o, --option NAME=VALUE Set an option as if it would come from a config file from the command line.
    --write-config FILE Write an example configuration file to FILE.

    Better chance of xboxdrv --daemon working running on latest version of xboxdrv.(0.8.4) To get the latest version just add the appropriate ppa for your flavour from xboxdrv developers website following instructions at
    then from terminal
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    Plenty of reading at

    I am like you and have managed to get xboxdrv running and using it for what is wanted. To get all this happening at a double click or even automagically at start up/connection would be nice. Hence why you ask for help with writing script. Understand where you are coming from but can not do bash. ...yet!

    but the manual says it is as simple as

    When you want full game specific configurability and automatic launching of xboxdrv, it is easiest to write little startup scripts for your games that will launch xboxdrv, launch your game and then when the game is finished tear down xboxdrv:
    #!/bin/sh exec xboxdrv \ --trigger-as-button -s \ -- \ your_favorite_game # EOF # Here your_favorite_game is the executable of your game and is passed to xboxdrv as last argument. This will cause xboxdrv to start the game and keep running as long as the game is running, when the game is done, xboxdrv will quit automatically.
    If you want to pass parameters to the game you have to add a -- separator, as otherwise your options to the game would be eaten up by xboxdrv.

    That would be good for assigning xboxdrv config to specific applications and starting stopping xboxdrv by opening closing application. Totally automagical.

    Maybe post your /home/user/ and list what you intend doing with different configs?

    Have you tried xboxdrv --mouse?

    Keyboard shortcuts are cool. Mice are vermin!
    The difference between knowledge and wisdom is knowing what to do or just doing it. I know nothing and get little done.

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