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Thread: run xrandr automatically on startup

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    run xrandr automatically on startup

    Noob here trying to automate the xrandr settings which make my netbook usable in Lubuntu 12.10. I can manually copy and paste the following text into XTerm, hit enter, and it works like a champ:

    xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1024x600 --scale 1.00x1.28 --panning 1024x768

    (I found this after a few minutes googling. It downscales so that the netbook native 1024x600 screen displays 1024x768. Wonderful!)

    Now... after some HOURS googling I find numerous suggestions, but no definitive way to make this run on startup. Tried a couple of methods involving editing:
    but no joy.

    If I can't make this xrandr command run automatically, I would at least hope to make the command run in terminal with just a few mouse clicks, without having to copy and paste every time I boot the netbook.

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    Re: run xrandr automatically on startup

    You can just create a shell script to execute:
    xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1024x600 --scale 1.00x1.28 --panning 1024x768
    Save this anywhere (e.g. ~/ and make it executable:
    chmod +x ~/
    In the system settings there is an option to choose scripts that are run at startup (I don't know the exact name for Lubuntu). You can select the script there.
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    new twist

    omeomi, thank you for the response. I created the script per your instruction. Then looking where to put the script for startup, I found
    this post by Lyfang:

    Add your startup applications in Lubuntu 12.10 like this:
    1. Go to /home/USERNAME
    2. Press Ctrl+h
    3. Go to /home/USERNAME/.config
    4. Create the folder autostart
    5. Go to the menu > right-click > add to desktop
    6. Move shortcut to /home/USERNAME/.config/autostart
    7. Restart Lubuntu

    Tried this method, no joy. But.... think I may have found a new twist. Just noticed that of the several ways to get a terminal, UXTerm seems to be the only one that processes the xrandr command. XTerm, LXTerminal, and Ctrl-Alt-T don't act on my xrandr command. So maybe that is why I'm having difficulty getting it to autostart...

    Thanks again -


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