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Thread: Ubuntu hangs on boot

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    Re: Ubuntu hangs on boot

    Well I need the wireless so I put the card back in... if it's not harming the machine that's a relief, but it does suck to have to babysit every single boot of the machine. Like I said earlier, its not just a long boot time, its a total hang during boot. Nothing responds except for the power switch.

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    Re: Ubuntu hangs on boot

    Quote Originally Posted by osarusan View Post
    This has happened with upgrades and with clean installs. This one now is a clean install.

    I'll try it with Gnome Classic, though I do prefer Unity.

    What would setting nomodeset do?

    edit: Using Gnome Classic and Unity 2d did not help. Still hangs at boot.
    I did not experience joy with my 12.04 setup (problems with
    boot, plymouth, gdm, unity) until as root, I:
    # cd /boot; grep -lr CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS_POWER * 2>/dev/null |sort

    then, in the generic file above (the one you're booting!)

    all seems ok now.

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