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Thread: OpenMW [Open-Source] 0.17.0

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    OpenMW [Open-Source] 0.17.0

    Hi all,
    it's been a while since we updated our progress on this forum, but things have been moving at an amazingly rapid pace, and we are proud to announce that OpenMW version 0.17.0 has been released! (by now we actually are halfway to version 0.18.0 !)

    This even looks nicer than the original Morrowind!

    You can find the download link on our official website.
    We all like pictures, especially when they are moving. Our video on the latest release.

    Changelog 0.17.0:

    Fixes for physics shapes and dark textures
    Fix for character normals
    Fix for laggy input on OS X
    Added support for objects crossing cell borders
    Re-implemented dropping items
    Implemented a Main Menu
    Implemented Camera Modes and proper Player control
    Added support for object rotation and scaling
    Fix for NIF material sharing
    Implemented potion usage
    Implemented skill gain backend
    Implemented Drain/Fortigy dynamic Stats/Attributes magic effects
    Fix for various crashes and errors
    Fixes for memory leaks
    Various improvements for console scripts
    Various code cleanup and improvements

    We are an open-source project and thus are in constant need of new coders/developers, we have all kinds of coding levels so if you are familiar with one of the listed languages you could be part of this project!
    -Bullet physics library
    -Netimmerse/Gamebryo engine (especially Morrowind)

    Not a coder? You still can contribute in various ways:
    -Bug hunting
    -Reverse engineering gameplay formulas
    -Forum maintainers

    For more information about this project you can visit our OpenMW Wiki, official website or forums.

    We hope you are as excited about this project as we are and hope to hear from you on our forums.
    Feel free to spread word about this project, fans is what keeps us going after all .

    -The OpenMW team
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    Re: OpenMW [Open-Source] 0.17.0

    And we're here again, for the release of version 0.18.0!

    This version introduces a myriad of new features, including Level-Up, Key re-binding, Spell buying, eating ingredients, using Keys to open things, and much more. Read on for the full changelog, and check out our release commentary video.

    Known Issues:

    The launcher can crash on OS X versions < 10.8, this will be fixed in version 0.19.0
    “Shaking screen effect” can occur on cell change


    Implemented Level-Up dialog
    Implemented Hide Marker, fixes big black blocks
    Implemented Hotkey dialog
    Implemented Keyboard and Mouse bindings, input system rewritten
    Implemented Spell Buying Window
    Added support for handling resources across multiple data directories
    Implemented Object Movement/Creation script instructions
    Initial AI framework implemented
    Implemented eating Ingredients
    Implemented Door markers on the local map
    Implemented using Keys to open doors/containers
    Implemented Loading screens
    Implemented Inventory avatar image and race selection head preview (note that only default Dunmer male displays at the moment)
    Fixed the size of Preferences menu buttons
    Fixed Hand-to-hand always being 100
    Fixes for NPC and character animation
    Fix for sound coordinates
    Fix for exception when drinking self-made potions
    Fix for clothes showing up in 1st person
    Fix for weird character on door tooltips
    Collision fixes
    Fix for “onOfferButtonClicked” crash

    Interested to help in this project? Be sure to check out the original post for more information.

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    Re: OpenMW [Open-Source] 0.17.0

    Awesome !!
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