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Thread: PCSX Metal Gear Solid

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    PCSX Metal Gear Solid

    Hey guys.

    Wondering if anybody here has a problem with running MGS on PCSX? everytime I go to run the ISO image it doesn't do anything. It just stays black and there is no sound.

    Just wondering if anybody else has encountered this problem and found a fix for it?

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    Re: PCSX Metal Gear Solid

    PCSX is bit older. How about try something other emulators like ePSXe, pSX or even PCSX-Reloaded. ePSXe is pretty bit better but you will need to use native ePSXe sound plugin as plugins other than ePSXe that i was used is sluggish. Tested running this game in Ubuntu via wine and it runs well but having minor choppy of sounds.


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