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Thread: Asus X54C came with Ubuntu, how to add dual boot?

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    Re: Asus X54C came with Ubuntu, how to add dual boot?

    As configured, you have an unusual way to boot Linux. You have testdisk or a Window like boot loader that just chains to the boot flagged partition. Then grub2 is in the partition boot sector (PBR) to boot.

    Normally grub2 is not installed to a partition boot sector as it has to convert to blocklists or hard coded addresses. On major updates grub's files may get relocated on drive and then you would have to reinstall grub to the PBR. Normally grub2's boot loader is installed to the MBR of the drive.

    Unless you want the older version of Ubuntu in the "recovery" partition, there is not much reason to save it. You can download newer versions and have a boot/repairCD or USB instead of the partition.
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    Re: Asus X54C came with Ubuntu, how to add dual boot?

    I deleted all the partitions except sda1, 2GB is not bothering me. Then I installed Win7 on 50 GB sda3 as primary and win created sda2 100 MB primary for boot. Then I created sda4 extended part, inside of it sda5 220 GB ntfs, sda6 20 GB ntfs, sda7 20 GB ext4. Installed 12.04 into sda7, no swap, boot loader into /dev/sda. Fine tweaked multiboot grub with grub-customizer. When done with drivers in Win7 I saved win7 sda3 partition with CloneZilla and put the sda3 image into sda6 (along with the previous CloneZilla factory-whole-disc-image). Finally, from Ubuntu I flagged sda6 as hidden. Thanks oldfred!
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