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Thread: bash prompt in tmux/wemux

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    bash prompt in tmux/wemux

    I've searched everywhere I can think of and found little about this problem.

    I'm using ubuntu 10.04 server on an old laptop of mine and I'm using tmux/wemux on the machine as well.

    I still have a lot to learn about linux in general, so I hope this question isn't too newbish.

    When I start a new session using wemux, the prompt is always displayed as "-bash-4.1$ ". I understand that there are different types of shells, but I don't understand what type tmux is using or how to control the type if that is possible.

    I've tried editing every bash config file I can find, think of, or discover via web search with no change at all: /etc/profile, ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, ~/.profile, ~/.bashrc, /etc/bashrc

    When I start tmux without using wemux, the environment from my ssh session seems to be carried over, but this isn't the case with wemux.

    What type of shell is tmux using?
    Why is it different for wemux?
    How do I configure the environment for these shell types?
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