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Thread: Skype with slow connection - I need a miracle!

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    Smile Skype with slow connection - I need a miracle!

    Hi there!

    I live in a very very far away town in northern Argentina and our internet connection is very bad. Sometimes you can have a video conference with ease... but most of the time it's almost imposible.
    Since I need to establish video calls on a regular basis because of my work, I was wondering if there is any kind of fix/tweak/miracle to be done in order to get the connection to work better (any new bit is going to be highly appreciated!!!!).
    I've ran a speedtest throwing the following results:

    As I say in the subjetc... I now I may be asking for miracles... but who knows... maybe it can be done right?


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    Re: Skype with slow connection - I need a miracle!

    Hi There

    Your on the outer edge of badnwidth recommended by skype themselves here

    Also from what I have seen previously , skype has one of the least video requirements.
    That means your in "manage what you have" territory.
    All you can really do is help your users understand the limitation and if they use beefy web applications or services that use the bandwitdth it will affect the video

    Bad answer I know, but I think theres no easy solution for you/
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    Re: Skype with slow connection - I need a miracle!

    Well well... if even a priest says a miracle is imposible... I think I'll have to go back to the old telephone way....hehehe
    I'm know trying google talk to see if there is any difference...

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