Hi! Well, I was doing my homework, and research most of the Live USB Linux flavours... and none seem to be to the "average user". Since most of the best ones and well achieved seem to use tor (pseudoannonymacy) instead a vpn ("public" privacy), I think that what I need to do is... do my own version!

So, let me check with you guys if its ok my checklist:

* using a pendrive with hardware on/off writting button for the OS
* using a second pendrive for the persistent data (how could I configure this???)
* installing truecrypt

now, what puzzle me, is how to put all my persistent data in a second pendrive. I also guess that I should configure the iptables to only go throughout the vpn.

Then, all the typical firefox safe configurations.

And as a last detail, something to "wipe" my session at the end... but... how?

I think this is my small checklist, but dunno how to achieve it, start or... how! Somehow, I guess it should be better to put all into a truecrypt volume, but... still, dunno how would be the best way... I guess that if the other distros weren't so "use tor or die" i would simply adapt'em, but... it doesn't seem like an option, nor it seems to add to the "ubuntu privacy remix" a way of accesing the net throughout a vpn (the ubuntu privacy remix does all I want, except connecting to the internet)

Any ideas where to start?

Cheers, Misti.