I am very new to Ubuntu but looking very forward to learn how to use it and to work with it.

Unfortunately I am using a old CD I got a few years ago, 9.10. It installs fine and everything works untill I come browse the web. My wireless connection works fine with my iPhone and Xbox as well as the other PC in the house but for some reason my laptop connects to the wireless but Ubuntu/FireFox can not.

I have tried re-installing and different settings but I end up with the same out come. I have tried to upgrade to 10.4.3 LTS via the "Update Manager" but this also can not connect to web.

The strange this is the other day I was able to connect to web, upgrade from 9.10 to 10.4 to the most recent 12 but the wireless didn't connect so I thought a whole re-boot then new upgrade would help but it didn't.

Any help would be appreciated! As you can tell I'm probably missing very easy but I'm new thank you all!!