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Thread: What sound card?

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    Question What sound card?


    I'm looking for an (Ubuntu/Alsa compatible, obviously) USB sound card.

    Aside from being cheap (under £100/$150) and low-latency (not usually a problem with a well-setup Alsa installation, anyway), I *really* need multi-channel line-in. This would preferably be in the form of 4 RCA/phono sockets and visible from the drivers as 4 mono-inputs (though two stereo inputs would also be acceptable).

    Does anyone know of such a card?


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    Re: What sound card?

    Hi. I suggest you to search around for names of cards with that specifics, then check if they are supported:

    Maybe something like the Yamaha Audiogram 6 usb audio interface could be good for you. Here a therad where someone speaks about it (and other devices too):

    Have a look at this too: , ( .

    Remember to check the support!
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