Hello Ubuntu community!
I am googling for a while now and used the search function in this forum as well. Sandy Bridge Laptops (in my case Thinkpad X1) come with speakers/on board soundchip which support the "Dolby Home Theater" software (a virtualized software equalizer) which actually provides pretty nice sound quality compared to the "normal" sound from the speakers. I mean i can see how this "not super popular" windows software will not run on wine. Still this seems to be a "newer" feature of current intel systems and i can absolutely not find any helpful idea to "recreate" this feature systemwide on linux. Even if it sounds sassy, "try to install alsa/oss/pulseaudio" is not a solution for the problem. The sound cards run perfectly fine but there seems to be no equivalent virtual equalizer. It really is just a software problem but it actually makes a big difference if you want to listen to music or watch youtube etc.