Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a tool to create text-mode (i.e. without X11 etc.), keyboard-driven dialog programs for specific configuration tasks. I already work with dialog, but it has limits when it comes to displaying more than one selection on the same page; plus, it cannot fill certain fields depending on input of other fields, check for syntax (i.e. whether input is a valid e-mail address, ip address, or domain name) and so on. I have looked at the ncurses and forms libraries, but you have to program almost everything yourself from scratch with those.

Is there a program, library, or set of libraries with which I can, for example create a network configuration dialog where all I addresses are checked for validity on input and where I can, for example fill certain fields automatically depending on what the user types into "ip address", without having to program everything from scratch? I've seen many kits for this (like Qt, Gtk etc.), but I've found none which supports this on the text console.

If you have any suggestions what to check out, please don't hesitate.

Best regards, Pit.