I got a new Asus zenbook with the 24GB SSD and 500GB drive. I thought I'd be clever and preserve the out-of-the-box windows installation on the 500GB and install ubuntu on the 24GB drive. I got all of the partitions sorted out and ubuntu installed without any major problems, except I couldn't boot it - the bios (or UEFI "setup utility" I guess, now) just pointed to the windows bootloader and that's all I would get.

So I ran boot-repair and asked it to set everything up for me - it knew about the two OSs and such ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/1198790/ ). After this, even the windows boot didn't work anymore. Here's what I don't get: Boot-repair tells me there are a couple of available boot files:

Boot files: /efi/Boot/bootx64.efi /efi/ubuntu/boot.efi /efi/ubuntu/grubia32.efi

But when I go to the setup and enter these in the format specified

"add new boot option"


neither one works! (the format is suggested by the setup utility) It just goes back into the setup utility when you try to boot.

Has anyone seen anything like this? It just seems so simple: point it to an EFI file and go.
But apparently not, and until I figure it out I have a $1200 brick.