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Thread: Auto-Mount Stora in Ubuntu (Linux)

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    Auto-Mount Stora in Ubuntu (Linux)

    Now it's been a while since I setup my Stora in Windows, so I can't remember the process I used there, but under Windows, I can easily access my Stora via both my network places/drives and automatically-mounted "drives" in Explorer/My Computer...

    All I need to do is login to Windows and I'm good to go!

    Under Ubuntu (Linux) however, I have to click Browse Network-->Windows Network, however this tells me:
    Unable to mount location
    Failed to retrieve share list from server
    The only way I can access my Stora is to login via the Web interface, which then redirects me the browser-based, local (i.e. non-Internet) version of my Stora...

    How can I configure Ubuntu (Linux), so that my Stora is mounted automatically, like under Windows?

    I'm running:
    * Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ("Precise Pangolin")(64-bit version)
    * Stora MS2110, running Stora firmware

    I should add that when my Stora is accessed via the the Web interface - which then redirects me the browser-based, local (i.e. non-Internet) version of my Stora - changes to files aren't saved and reloading closed files from the Stora/loading the same files in Windows confirms this.

    I don't get any error message, in fact it for all intents and purposes, it would seem that files have saved correctly... But as I said above, reloading the files from the Stora or loading the same files under Windows shows that this is not the case.
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