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Thread: Sync Packages between Ubuntu and Xubuntu

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    Question Sync Packages between Ubuntu and Xubuntu

    Hi! I have a problem! Over the last months, I have modified Ubuntu on one laptop heavily (not taking into account the customizations done to Gnome). Now I have now installed Xubuntu on another laptop, and I do not want to repeat all those changes from the beginning. Is there a way I could sync the added PPAs, installed packages, their custom configuration files, etc.? I understand this cannot be 100% perfect, but if somehow I could settle the broad strokes, then it would help a great deal. I have heard of OneConf working in conjunction with UbuntuOne, but I cannot seem to find how it really works. Moreover, I do not want to sync anything that has anything to do with specific X Window Systems, as I am syncing between Ubuntu and Xubuntu.

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this question was asked before!
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