I recently installed ubuntu 12.04 from the mini.iso.

Since the install is rather minimal the available gui tools are somewhat limited, which has forced me to try to pair my computer with its bluetooth keyboard from the command line.

As I read man-pages, google and experiment with some trial and error it strikes me as a unlikely complicated thing to do. This than makes me believe I'm doing something fundamentally wrong.

It also seems alot has changed in bluetoothd over the last couple of years as most of the suggested techniques I find seem outdated.

So could someone please explain how one is supposed to do it correctly in Ubuntu 12.04?

I have read the bluetoothd manpage and the hcitool manpage.

If I do something like this:
$ sudo hcitool scan
Scanning ...
	00:07:61:7F:CD:D5	Logitech diNovo Edge
I get the MAC of the keyboard, so the blutooth device seems to be working.

Running the following without pushing connect on the keyboard:
$ sudo hcitool cc 00:07:61:7F:CD:D5
Can't create connection: Input/output error
But as soon as I put the keyboard in 'promiscuous mode' it works better:
$ sudo hcitool cc 00:07:61:7F:CD:D5
But the keyboard keeps blinking, and I guess a pin needs to be supplied somewhere.

Arguments like auth and key looks promising, but their documentation is quite weak:
$ sudo hcitool auth --help
	auth <bdaddr>
$ sudo hcitool key --help
	key <bdaddr>
Files like /etc/bluetooth/pin and /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf that are frequently mentioned in my google hits no longer exist:
$ ls /etc/bluetooth
audio.conf  input.conf  main.conf  network.conf  proximity.conf  rfcomm.conf  serial.conf
So, to ask the question again: What is it that I'm missing?